Welcome to the Center for War/Peace Studies

We are in the process of rebuilding and revitalizing our digital home to help us more effectively pursue our policy goals and to bring our message to a wider audience. Please join us as we develop and grow.

Our mission is to establish a federation of nations, with channels for making decisions together that are well enough developed that countries will be able to implement jointly measures sufficient for maintaining the peace, protecting human rights, sustaining the environment, and promoting prosperity.

CWPS envisions a federation of nations supported by people across the world so that there can be a global constituency for effective world governance.

About Us

The Center for War/Peace Studies (CWPS) is devoted to the establishment of global cooperation for the elimination of war and needless human suffering.

CWPS originated with the vision of making the United Nations more democratic and more effective as an agency for world governance. While recognizing that some matters must be managed by nation states, CWPS believes in international management of challenges requiring global solutions such as conflicts between nations, sustainable development, and nuclear disarmament.

CWPS envisions a federation of nations supported by people across the world so that there can be a global constituency for effective world governance.

As the states formed the federation of the United States to address multi-state issues, nation states must establish a strong federation of nations to confront international problems. The capacity of people and cultures to evolve as their environment changes will be the basis for this progress. The deterioration in world security, climate, and economy over the past decades make the mission of CWPS essential to the survival of humankind and the instruments to achieve this mission are study, analysis, and dialogue. We appeal for your commitment to this vision so that the world can overcome 21st Century crises.

Alice Hammerstein Mathias Initiative to Revitalize the General Assembly and Reform the Security Council

CWPS has, over the past 40 years, advocated reforms to create a more effective United Nations organization. CWPS Ambassador at Large Myron Kronisch, together with other members of the Board of Directors, has met, since 2006 in New York City at fifty-five U.N. Missions to promote weighted voting in the General Assembly and the Security Council. The General Assembly would serve as a global legislature where action would be taken with weighted voting. The Security Council would be reformed to include twelve seats: eight multi-state regions and four single state regions. Every one of the 193 member states would have direct or indirect representation on the Security Council with gradual elimination of the veto over a period of five years. CWPS will continue to meet with diplomats in New York and at their Foreign Ministries to discuss this proposal: a U.N. federation of all 193 nations. This ongoing CWPS campaign to advance reforms in the United Nations is designed to create support among member states for constructive change.

CWPS Human Rights Initiative

CWPS believes that the protection of human rights is essential to the achievement of international peace as well as peace within nation states. People are entitled to equal protection of the law regardless of their identity and CWPS strongly supports the defense of human rights. The human rights of women are violated throughout the world and CWPS advocates for the United States and other nations to approve treaties aimed at eradicating these violations. The United Nations must pressure societies that deny women education, protection from domestic violence and rape, equal opportunities for employment, and the right to vote to change their laws. CWPS will collaborate with other supporters of human rights to work toward progress in defending human rights including the human rights of women. This advocacy will include support for the United States to ratify The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. This initiative acknowledges the centrality of women in families across the globe where the welfare of female adults determines the fate of the whole family. The inability of women to earn a living wage can prevent children from having an education, health care, and the opportunity to realize their dreams. The inability of women to be safe from domestic violence and rape can mean the destruction of the family unit. The inability of women to vote can mean that the interests of women and families are ignored by policy makers.

The oppression of any human being threatens the human rights of everyone because it represents the erosion of respect for human rights. When the human rights of women are violated, there is also the threat that everyone’s rights can also be violated because of the breach of the covenant to respect human rights. The achievement of universal social justice, including social justice for women, is indispensable to progress in advancing civilization.

College and University Outreach

CWPS is initiating a program of public forums on world governance at institutions of higher education in the New York Metropolitan area coupled with organizing college students to support global initiatives for peace and the enforcement of international law. This Mobilization for Peace is predicated upon the concerns and commitment of college students and faculty who are prepared to seriously address global issues for the advancement of humankind. The effectuation of nuclear disarmament, peaceful conflict resolution between nations, and sustainable development are examples of the issues that require attention. CWPS rejects the delegation of important global issues exclusively to the governments of nations when we are all stakeholders who should have a voice in decision making. CWPS envisions activism on the part of all residents of Earth on global issues that affect our lives. Our goal is to reignite the idealism and commitment that existed in millions of people around the world who supported world federalism in the decade after World War II.

Book Publication

Another major CWPS project is a book being written by Tad Daley, Ph.D, on the abolition of war through the establishment of a world republic. Dr. Daley was the author of Apocalypse Never: Forging the Path to a Nuclear Free World which was published by Rutgers University Press in 2010. This first book by Dr. Daley was very positively reviewed by former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, Emmy Award winner Martin Sheen, retired U.S. Army Lt. General Robert Gard, Academy Award winner Michael Douglas, Pentagon Papers protagonist Daniel Ellsberg, and Pulitzer Prize winner Martin Sherwin. Dr. Daley has stated that, “It is my ambition today to write a popular book, aimed at engaging a broad general audience, about the history and future of an ancient idea that someday the human race might establish what the late University of Chicago president Robert Maynard Hutchins called ‘A Federal Republic of the World’ – in order to bring about the abolition of war, the elimination of national military forces, and global solutions to a large universe of global challenges that will be designed not to benefit individual interests, but instead the common human interest and the global public good.”